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Ascension: Easter Egg & Hidden Song
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Ascension was released on February 1st, as part of the First Strike map pack on Xbox 360. It takes place in an abandoned Soviet Cosmodrome. There are two new perks, Stamin-Up and PhD Flopper. Double Tap Root Beer doesn't return. Space Monkeys have replaced the Pentagon Thief and Hellhounds. There is another exclusive power up, the Bottle, which grants the player a random perk. Two new wonder weapons, the Gersch Device and the Matryoshka Doll have also been released along with the Russian version of the Bowie Knife, the Sickle. This is the largest map do date. The four original zombie characters, Takeo, Nikolai, Dempsey, and Richtofen are back. It is the second map where players can have zombies spawn next to them. It is the only map with the Lunar Lander. It is the fourth map where the electricity is required to be turned on. This map features Russian astronaut, scientist, military and civilian zombies. However, gas zombies do not return.

Helping the Mystery Man Nodes (So Far)

  • At the start of the game a man will talk to you and asks you to help him. To help him you will need four players to start and good communication.

    I havent finished helping him but i think when you do you will unlock the Lunar Lander secret (JD2020) and be able to go in the secret building next to speed cola. To see this building go to speed cola lunar Lander and use it, then look right and you will see that there is a Lunar Lander hole to go through.

  • 1.Anyway to help him for the first step you need to get a Gersh device, make your way to PhD flopper. Go down the steps and look to your left out the map, there should be a flashing box there. Throw the Gersh device at it and make sure you hit the box or it wont work, the man will then start talking and tell you it needs power.

  • 2.Go to stammin up Lunar Lander and look in the corner with the stairs above it, there should be a screen that is on. Press X on that and he will tell you it needs more power.

  • 3.To do this step wait until the monkey round and keep a monkey left alive at the end of the round. There are 4 buttons at 4 of the perks so you need to get 1 player at each perk and there should be a little red button next to Juggernog, speed cola, stammin up and PhD flopper, it's these perks all the time. Press the buttons all at the same time as your team mates (All buttons need to be pressed simultaneously). He will then speak to you again.

  • 4.To do this step head your way down to the PaP machine and next to the clock there should be a pressure plate. I don't know if this has to be a monkey round or not. Stand on this and he will speak to you again. I think the next step maybe the clock next to juggernog but the host timed out and we havent got 4 people to do it with at the moment. The clock has been put up wrongly so I think this may be something to do with it or it might be something to do with blowing up the PaP rocket (to do this you need to spray at it with a ray gun). It might also be something to do with the little dolls of the characters like activate your own character at the same time.

  • 5.Also after you done all that there will be Letters that start floating in the sky you must use the launcher pads to get them,

  • Sickle to stamina up- A
  • Home to sickle- N
  • Stamina to Home- U
  • Home to Stamina- L
  • stamina to Sickle- H
  • Sickle to Home- I
  • ph to home- E
  • Home to ph- T
  • stamina to ph- M
  • Ph to stamina- R
  • Sickle to Ph- Y
  • ph to sickle- S
    These have to spell LUNA
    (when calling these have one person go to the area you want and call it DONT BUY IT)
    once there all collected there will be something glowing in the construction yard and the scientist with keep saying we need more power..
    Find the rest of the "car battery's" soo i wonder there that thing that glow's takes you.

  • 6. so now if you go back to the place were i told you about with the computer... once again follow the little path around the bend and instead of turning to the left and goin under the stairs, stop and look forward, there should be a big object with lights on it, every time you succesfuly do a easter egg a light comes on and when all 4 are on it projects a small ball of light on the floor which makes the screaching sound if you look at it.

  • 7.To do this you have to go to the orb then throw a gersch device at hit. Then all players have to simutaniosly shoot at it with the upgraded thundergun, ray gun, crossbow and the dolls! (Depending on How much Fire power you put into the orb of light you may or may not get death machines!

  • 8. (I GOT THIS LAST PART FROM A FORUM & HAVE NOT TESTED IT YET, PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK IF YOU FIND OUT IF ITS TRUE/FALSE) Buy PhD Flopper. Everyone must have it. Now, somebody must use a Gersch Device. Everybody dive from a high point into the Black Hole. You will be transported back to the main room The chained up door next to Quick Revive will be available for 1250. Inside is a gauge on a pad with several buttons. Next to it will be an inaccsessable door, blocked by a table. On the table is another Matryshka(?) Doll. The face is painted over in black. When you get to the gauge, you can press X. It says "Press X to lower security gauge". After doing that, an alarm will sound. The Mystery Man will say, "Good! You tuned off the security restrictions. I can get out of here!SO FAR TESTED AND NOTHING!
    We are now trying to figure out what to do with the death machines, I dont believe that it would just stop at that!

    All the things you need to press or activate have a whistling sound so if you have a headset this will help otherwise put your volume up on your TV or audio system. It sounds like its wind and everything to do with the mystery man has that sound.

    If you find anything out please post or discuss theories and I will check them out.
    We are now trying to figure out what to do with the death machines, I dont believe that it would just stop at that!

    Soooo many speculations!

    1. Getting the death machines resets all nodes thus not granting you access to the secret room.
    2. After the death machines throwing a gersch device below any set of stairs and everyone using the PHD Flopper perk dives into it. Apparently this allows you to buy the door chained up after entering through the left hand door next to quick revive.
    3. Something about activating eight lights near the staminup lander.
    4. Spelling more words out of the sky - "HITSAM" and "HYENA" it's apparently in the games coding :S

    It could even go past the secret room granting you access to the fourth lunar lander and a secret building.

    We just finished it before, apparently on the last step you shoot at the portal with all the wonder guns etc but then also all 4 of you jump into the portal lol.

    level.passkey = array( "l", "u", "n", "a" );
    level.passkey_progress = 0;
    level.secret1 = array( "h", "i", "t", "s", "a", "m" );
    level.secret1_progress = 0;
    level.secret2 = array( "h", "y", "e", "n", "a" );
    level.secret2_progress = 0;
    thread lander_monitor(); Enter text here

    This should be more than enough proof to show that there is more to Ascension, this is some of the code from the map.

    All the things you need to press or activate have a whistling sound so if you have a headset this will help otherwise put your volume up on your TV or audio system. It sounds like its wind and everything to do with the mystery man has that sound.

    If you find anything out please post or discuss theories and I will check them out.

    With the release of the First Strike map pack will come 150G-worth of new Achievements to earn in the new Black Ops zombie map, Ascension.

  • The Eagle has Landers (35G) – In Ascension, escape on all three lunar landers.
  • They are going THROUGH! (35G) – In Ascension, kill at least 5 zombies with 1 Gersch device.
  • Space Race (45G) – In Ascension, Pack-a-Punch a weapon before round 8.
  • Chimp on the Barbie (35G) – In Ascension, kill a space monkey with a fire trap.

    Matryoshka Dolls

    There are doll placed around the map of characters from the game. There are only four found but there might be more.

  • YouTube Video

    The Six Radios

    -These radios are placed secretly around the entire Map Pack Zombies Map.

  • YouTube Video

    Radio One:
    "(STATIC) I give you my sincere gratitude for that... but, down to business, I am pleased to report all projects are running smoothly again after these here personal changes. As I had previously mentioned. Yuri Kravcheski is a brilliant scientist, but it he has been so far incapable of handling "Project Mercury" - or as you call it, "the Gersch Device". (a slight chuckle), and so do to numerous setbacks and delays I am forced to transfer Yuri to AK64-A experiments. I have decided that your nephew should take his place. I look forward to working with him directly. The recent incident with the Clatsmere Mechanism leaves no doubt in my mind, that this is the right decision. The explosion caused the Mechanism significant damage - it will take time to re-manufacture all of the parts - unless some can be salvaged. (STATIC)"
    — Gersch

    Radio Two:
    "(STATIC-)Rockets! He transfers me to work on rockets! These experiments require no finesse, no imagination! My intellect is ill served blasting a bunch of monkeys into the atmosphere! (Sigh) But I can’t fight Gersch on this. I was able to hold onto my keys, (STATIC) as well as my research. No one else here understands what "Project Mercury" is capable of. Until then, this lab will have to do – wait: is that a matryoshka doll? Did someone let a child in-?(STATIC)"
    — Yuri

    Radio Three:
    "STATIC) -found a box today. Some lebanke left his teddy bear in it - a disgusting and filthy toy! Who keeps bringing that child onto this base?! Thank God they did not take the diary: the things I have learned about the Element (STATIC). I'll have to conduct these experiments on my own, away from the destructive hands of Gersch! His research in Project Mercury has stalled, but will HE be transferred?! I doubt it! As long as Project (STATIC) is on track, his friends at(STATIC) I must think small. (STATIC)"
    — Yuri

    Radio Four:
    "(STATIC) I assure you that our craft will be far superior to whatever the Americans... or should I say, Canadians (heh) are developing. Finally, Project Thunder is nearing completion. My staff has assured me that the remaining limitations of the effective range and power cells will be solved within the next few months - oh, and also - you should know that Doctor Kravcheski does not appear to be adjusting to his new position. He has been hostile towards the other scientists - at least, more than usual - and has frequently been seen muttering to himself. The transition must have been hard for him, but if he does not learn his place soon... I may require another, more competent scientist to replace (him)-. (STATIC)"
    — Gersch

    Radio Five:
    "(STATIC) They're entering my head! Always my head! I can't hinter, I can't, OOF, I can't stop it! Keep it out! I want you to LEAVE ME ALONE!!! Calm down there! Calm down! No, no I won't! ShutTheShutTheFuckUpSTOP! J-Just stop! Fine... Okay, okay, I will- (STATIC)"
    — Yuri

    Radio Six:
    "(STATIC) This had better be good Yuri: the fact that you're in this lab again is reason enough to have you permanently removed! (Mutters something) (STATIC)"
    — Gersch
    "Do not worry, you won't be disappointed (chuckles). In fact, I'm sure you won't forget it! ...But I can't take all the credit. If you will, er, do the honors."
    — Yuri
    (Gersch pushes a button, and a sound similar to an activated Gersch Device is heard. Then:)

    "Having Fun?!"
    — Samantha Maxis
    "What the-?!"
    — Gersch
    (Electricity surges)

    "No! No! Yuri, you-!(screams as he is presumably sucked into the void and killed)"
    — Gersch
    "(Laughs evilly) You fat pig! Enjoy your bed! Heheheh, heh... Oh no. No! NoNoNoNo! NoNoNoNoNo! What have I done?! What have I do-?! (STATIC)"
    — Yuri

    Space Monkeys?

    Space Monkeys are new enemies that appear in Ascension, where they steal the players' perks in the form of attacking Perk-a-Cola machines. They replace the Hellhounds on this map. The space monkeys will attack a perk machine until the player loses his/her perk. Once the machine has been disabled you must re-buy the perk. Therefore, it would seem that the effect of Perks are linked to either the machines or the monkeys. If the players successfully kill all monkeys without having any machines attacked then they will occasionally drop a mystery cola at the end of a round, giving the player a random perk. The monkeys arrive in rockets crashing onto the ground. It is believed that Rictofen and the monkeys are connected with the next map pack. We will probably see them again.

    Did I Find Something?

    What is this...

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