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Perk Name Cost Effect Icon
Juggernog 2500 Increases player health, downing in 5 hits from a zombie instead of two. (6 from a Hellhound instead of 3)
Juggernog symbol.jpg
Speed Cola 3000 Doubles reload speed, similar to multiplayer Sleight of Hand Perk. Also allows players to board up windows faster
Speed Cola symbol.jpg
Quick Revive 500 (SP) or 1500 (MP) Almost quarters revive time, or, in solo, allows for a few seconds of Last Stand mode with Mustang and Sally pistols if the player does not have a Ray Gun or Winter's Howl, followed by self revive. (Black Ops only)
Quick Revive symbol.jpg
Double Tap Root Beer 2000 Increases fire speed for all guns by 33%, similar to multiplayer Double Tap perk.
Double Tap Root Beer symbol.jpg
Stamin-Up 2000 Effectively gives player Lightweight, Marathon and Extreme Conditioning perks.
PhD Flopper 2000 Upon diving to prone off of a heightened surface or being down, the player will create a small nuke, killing all zombies within radius until about round 20. Also removes fall damage and self-induced explosive damage. So in general, any player damage created will be ineffective.

PhD Flopper symbol.jpg

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FORUM » <><><> COD BLACK OPS - FORUM <><><> » NAZI ZOMBIES » All About NAZI ZOMBIE "PERKS" (nazi zombie perks)
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